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Birthdate:Nov 7
Location:British Columbia, Canada
Website:Blood & Fangs

This journal is friends open, which means that all of the posts are open to everyone. Please be advise that some of the material posted to this journal may be of an adult nature. Please read all of the warnings and ratings very carefully.

All of the writing posted here is eventually archived over at my personal archive: Blood & Fangs.

Fandoms: The Buffyverse, CSI, CSI: Miami, Labyrinth, Harry Potter, LJ Smith, X-men (the movie-verse), and Supernatural. You'll find the following fandoms here: the Buffyverse, CSI-verse, and Supernatural. All others can be found at my other writing journal: witchinghourfic.

Favourite Pairings: Willow/Angel(us), Cordelia/Angel(us), Faith/Angel(us), Cordelia /Willow, Faith/Willow, Willow/Xander, Buffy/Faith, Warrick/Catherine, Nick/Catherine, Calleigh/Ryan, Faith/Dean Winchester (BtVS/SPN crossover), Cordelia/Dean Winchester (BtVS/SPN crossover), Faith/Nick (BtVS/CSI crossover.)

Favourite Characters: Willow, Angel(us), Cordelia, Faith, Catherine, Warrick, Greg, Horatio, Calleigh, Ryan and Dean.

Looking for something in particular? Check out my memories or my tags.

Communities to join:

willangelus: a place for Willow/Angelus fanfiction and art.
csi_drabbles: a community for drabbles based on the CSI-franchise.
ats_btvs_fanfic: a community to read and post Buffyverse-related fanfiction.
csi50: a fanfiction challenge community focusing on the CSI franchise.
joss100 a fanfiction challenge community focusing on the Jossverse.
cordyfanfiction: a place for Cordelia-centric fanfiction.

Journal credits:

The Cordelia Chase mood theme was created by kitty231
The Faith mood theme was created by mouthfullofdust
The BtVS mood theme was created by prettyfancy
The CSI mood theme was created by buffyspazz


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