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Title: An Uncertain Future
Author: [ profile] aaronlisa
Rating: FR13 – a few swear words
Pairing/Characters: Faith Lehane, Sam Winchester, implied Faith Lehane/Dean Winchester
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and company, while Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and company.
Prompts: [ profile] supernatural50 - #11 (condescending)
Notes: Set post-Season Seven and post-Season Two.
Summary: Their anger is a tangible thing between that makes the air heavy as they both fight for control over their emotions.

The diner was probably one of the worse that he had ever been in. The lighting in the place was dingy, the linoleum peeling in areas, the vinyl seats were cracked, and the metal trim was dull. The only reason why he kept coming back time and time again was because the place served a decent cup of coffee and the food was better than most of the diners he had been in.

As usual the place was practically deserted. The booths were empty and there was an air of neglect about the place. He walked over to a booth and slid in, a few minutes later the tired-looking waitress brought him a menu and a cup of coffee. In the last few weeks, he had visited the diner every night. She ignored his smile and nod of thanks as she slowly moved towards the counter where she resumed wiping the countertop with a rag in slow and tired circles.

He gave the menu a cursory glance before setting it back down on the faded tabletop; instead he picked up the coffee and drank the rich and bitter brew. It never ceased to amaze him how a place that looked like it was on the verge of closing managed to have some of the best coffee he’d ever tasted.

The bell over the door chimed as it was pushed open and his attention immediately switched from the coffee to the petit brunette who had just walked in from the rainy night. She shook her hair as she took in the diner and her lips pursed in distaste as she started to walk over to his table. He toyed with the spoon in front of him as she slid in across the booth from him.

Once more the waitress made her trek from the counter to the booth and she sighed as she set down another cup of coffee and a menu. She turned on her heel ignoring the couple in the booth and once more resumed her action of cleaning the counter. The couple in the booth looked at each other before the man started to speak.

“I didn’t think you’d come.”
“I wasn’t going to but Red talked me into it.”
“I understand how you feel.”
“You do, do you? I really don’t think so.”
“He was my brother.”
“Yeah, and he was my boyfriend. We were going to be married.”
“I know.”
“Did you know that I am pregnant? Did he tell you that too?”

He looked down at the table ashamed at what she had just told him. His brother had neglected to share that piece of information with him. Sam sighed as he tried to gain control of his emotions before he looked up into Faith’s eyes again. He was about to say something when the waitress came over again, this time to take their orders. Faith’s eyes never left his once as she gave her order to the waitress. Her face a cold mask of distaste that hid her feelings for him.

“I didn’t know that. I am sorry.”
“Saying sorry isn’t going to bring him back,” Faith hissed.
“I know that.”
“Look what do you want from me?”
“De.. he wanted me to take care of you,” Sam said, unable to say Dean’s name without choking on emotion.
“Did he?”
“Well it’s a little too late for that.”
“Please Faith,” Sam quietly pleaded.
“Please what? If he was so fucking concerned about me, then maybe he would have told me about the deal that he’d made to save your sorry ass. Maybe he would have told me that he was living on borrowed time, instead of letting me think that we had a lifetime together.”

She turned away from him and looked out the window and Sam knew that she was fighting the tears and the anger. He still has bruises from when she had taken her pain out on him, not that he could blame her for doing so. After all, he blames himself every day for what she’s going through. He blames himself for Dean’s death every single day and wonders what went wrong.

“I did everything I could to find a loop hole.”
“Did you really?” Faith asks angrily.
“I did,” Sam says again.
“It doesn’t seem like you did to me since Dean’s gone,” Faith condescendingly states.
“It’s not as if there’s a manual out there for when people sell their souls to the devil or anything like that,” Sam spits out, his anger getting the better of him.

They lapse into an uncomfortable and tense silence once again. Their anger is a tangible thing between that makes the air heavy as they both fight for control over their emotions. The waitress glides across the dirty floor with the tray of their food in her hands, she’s oblivious to the tension in the booth between. Oblivious or uncaring, either way she sets the plates down in front of them without a concern and walks away without the normal banter of a waitress and her guests.

Sam watches in silence, his food untouched, as Faith eats the food. He pushes his food away and doesn’t say anything when she starts to eat his. It makes him think of the first time that he had met Faith. It had been in an alleyway behind a bar and she was fighting a group of vampires. Dean had rushed in, only to be pushed away as Faith took down each of the vampires. The three of them had gone to a diner around the corner, and they had exchanged war stories.

“So is that all you got?” Faith asks.
“What do you mean?”
“Do you just have a bunch of empty apologies and sad puppy-dog eyes?”
“What do you want from me?”
“The way I figure, you and me, we’re stuck together. Whether we like it or not.”
“What the invincible Faith needs someone?”
“Unfortunately,” Faith says with a grimace.
“Fine, but only because I promised Dean.”
“It’s not as if I want your company around, especially since you were too dumb to come to me and tell me what was happening.”
“And what could you have done?” Sam bitterly asks.
“Probably nothing but considering I’ve got the Watcher’s Council behind me and I know the most powerful witch to ever live, I think it would have been better than the pathetic attempt you made at saving Dean’s life.”
“You think you’re something, don’t you Faith. Well you’re not.”
“Oh you’ve wound me,” Faith dramatically says as she places her hand over her heart, “I used to hear that every single day of my life. Hearing you say it, don’t do a thing to me.”

It’s his turn to face the window and as he watches the rain pouring, he thinks he can make out the shape of his brother. He takes a deep breath and he knows it’s just his mind playing tricks on him. If Dean were still alive then he wouldn’t have to deal with Faith, not that he dislikes her or anything. But she’s just too harsh, too bright, too much for him.

“It’s not exactly what I wanted either, Sam. But it’s all we’ve got. And there’s still monsters to hunt and in a few months I’m not going to be in any condition to keep myself or the baby safe from the monsters that are going to be gunning for me.”
“I know.”

It’s an uneasy truce that sees him throwing down the money for their food before he escorts her out of the diner and towards the Impala. They’re both angry because neither of them could save Dean, and that failure weighs heavily on their shoulders and keeps them in silence as Sam starts up the car and drives off into an uncertain future.



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