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Title: Two Weeks
Author: [ profile] aaronlisa
Rating: FR13 (one swear word)
Pairing/Characters: Faith Lehane/Buffy Summers
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and company.
Prompts: [ profile] femslash50 - #36 (outside)
Notes: Set during an AU Season Three, follows Killing Time.
Summary: It’s been two weeks since Faith’s come to Sunnydale and nothing has changed.

It’s been two weeks since Faith’s come to Sunnydale and nothing has changed. They still avoid each other as much as possible, except when they’re in the library or slaying. Then they work together, but once the meeting’s over or the slaying’s been done, then Faith takes off and goes her own way. It’s killing Buffy more than she’s willing to admit and she doesn’t know how she can talk to Faith to change things.

She finds Faith outside of the school and Buffy watches from the shadows as Faith smokes a cigarette. Only Faith can make it look cool and Buffy wrinkles her nose as she wonders when Faith picked up the habit. Buffy finally works up the courage to walk over and Faith gives her a look that manages to be bored and annoyed at the same time.

“So how do you like Sunnydale?” Buffy asks trying to break the silence.
“Did moving here make you the Welcome Wagon?” Faith asks before she takes another drag.
“No, but it sounds better than asking you why you’re such a bitch.”
“That’s rich coming from you. Back in LA you could have given Cordy a run for her money.”
“People change, Faith.”
“That they do.”

They stand in silence as Faith continues to smoke and Buffy looks at nothing in particular. Finally, Faith drops the cigarette to the ground and crushes it with the tip of her black boot before she turns to face Buffy.

“Why did you really come out her, B?”
“I don’t know,” Buffy honestly replies. “I guess I am just tired of this silence between us.”
“Guess you should have thought of that before you dumped me and hung out with Pike,” Faith coldly states.
“It wasn’t like that Faith, really.”
“So Mr. Geek could know about what you were but I wasn’t good enough to know?”
“Faith his best friend was turned. What was I supposed to do?”
“It doesn’t matter anymore B, that’s in the past.”

Faith turns around and walks towards the entrance without giving Buffy a backwards glance.

“It really wasn’t like that Faith. I couldn’t have told you.”
“I get that B, I do. But I still needed a friend and you could have been there for me but you weren’t. I always thought that you’d be my friend no matter what. You could have been there for me even while you were dealing with being a Slayer.”
“Everything happened so fast. One day we were just cheerleaders, the next you were telling me you liked girls, and then an hour later I was told I was the one girl in all the world.”
“I wasn’t trying to tell you that I liked girls, B, I was trying to tell you that I liked you.”

Faith walked into the school before Buffy can really say anything. She’s too busy trying to process what Faith’s just told her to really do much more than stare at the other Slayer.



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