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Title: Killing Time
Author: [ profile] aaronlisa
Rating: FR13
Pairing/Characters: Faith Lehane/Buffy Summers
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and company.
Prompts: [ profile] femslash50 - #17 (confused)
Notes: Set during an AU Season Three, follows Hostile.
Summary: Faith’s confused about what to expect from Buffy.

Faith’s killing time while the others are in school. Wesley’s taken on a job at the school in order to maintain a cover, while she’s left to hang out in the small house that he rented for them both of them. Or more accurately the Council rented out for them.

The thought of the Council makes Faith angry, she’s come to realize that it’s the Council’s fault that Buffy turned away from her. She remembers what it was like when Wesley first approached her. He had been stiff and played by the proper rules and as such had refused to allow her to tell anyone, even her own mother, what she was. Instead Faith had been alone in the world with her new identity with only Wesley to assist her through the changes and the struggle.

It hadn’t taken Faith long to realize that Giles was vastly different from the typical Watcher. He wasn’t as uptight nor did he seem to always have to play things by the rules. It was because of Giles that Buffy had survived as long as she had. That knowledge hadn’t lessen the sting that Buffy had completely turned away from her in LA. She had needed Buffy and the blonde had rejected her.

Faith fell onto the bed and stared up at her ceiling. She wondered if even then Buffy could tell that she had had feelings for them. Faith had done everything she could think of to repress them, but nothing had worked. It seemed as if she wasn’t interested in boys at all, and the only girl she had been interested in had been Buffy. The brunette turned over onto her stomach with a growl.

The last thing she needs to think about is Buffy. Her fellow Slayer and former best friend only makes her confused now. Part of her wants to be angry at her and another part wants to give her a hug and tell her it’ll be all right. She’ll be damned if she does that, after all no one has held Faith and told her it’d be all right. And anyhow she’s not going to make a move until Buffy does, so if it means that they’ll be stuck in this stand off forever, then so be it. She’s not the one who walked away from their friendship.

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