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Title: Fantasy
Author: [personal profile] aaronlisa
Rating: FR13 (one swear word)
Pairing/Characters: Faith Lehane/Buffy Summers
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and company.
Prompts: [ profile] femslash50 - #5 (surprise)
Notes: Set during an AU Season Three, follows Mirror
Summary: She’s bound by invisible restraints that keep her from going to Buffy.

Faith sighs as she rests her head against the scarred wood of her motel door. She wants out but she knows the Mayor won’t let her go now, and even is she could escape his clutches where would she go. In the last few weeks, Buffy’s made sure that her opinion was crystal clear on where she stood with Faith. As far as Buffy’s concerned, Faith’s nothing but trash that she has to take out. Whatever they might have shared is definitely in the past and Buffy acts as if the shared passion between them was nothing more than Buffy blowing some steam off because she can’t sleep with her undead boyfriend.

She wearily inserts the key on the flimsy lock and listens as metal grinds against metal before the lock finally gives way and she pushes the door open. She takes in the dingy surroundings of the cheap motel that she calls home and Faith knows that for all of her cocky arrogance, she’s really no better than her drunken, strung out mother. Perhaps she’s even worse, at least her mother never worked for a sociopath demon that wants her to beat the crap out of some innocent to gain knowledge so that he can ascend.

The desire to pack up her few belongings and flee Sunnydale almost overwhelms her as she sinks onto the bed. Faith closes her eyes at the futile urge, since she knows that the Mayor would waste no time hunting her down and punishing her. He might act like a father but she knows better. She flops backwards onto the bed and ignores the creaking of the old springs as she looses herself into a fantasy of Buffy.

She’s not surprised that the fantasies of Buffy are all that she has left anymore. Faith briefly wonders if the blonde ever thinks about her and the brief time they had together before everything went sideways and Faith fucked it all up. It doesn’t really matter because after tomorrow, there’s no way that either of them can fix what they have. Tomorrow Faith is going to prove to the Mayor that she’s willing to do anything for him to prove her loyalty and some innocent demon who knows a lot about the ascension will probably die at her own hand. And after that occurs, Faith knows there’ll be no turning back.

Faith sinks into the fantasy of when she had Buffy instead of focusing on the invisible restraints that keep her bound to the Mayor. It’s all that she has left now.

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