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Title: Mirror
Author: [personal profile] aaronlisa
Rating: FR13
Pairing/Character: Faith Lehane/Buffy Summers
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and company.
Prompts: [ profile] femslash50 - #4 (routine)
Notes: set during BTVS Season Three, slightly au. Follows Disgust
Summary: Faith has a routine now.

She has a routine in place now. One that will let her avoid looking into the mirror too often because she hates what she sees there. She doesn’t want to think about why she hates her reflection or why she needs a routine that takes her by the Summers residence every single night.

If anyone knows that she reacted badly to the fact that she killed someone, it’s certainly her. However it’s not something that she really dwells on. She’s sure that Buffy or her Watcher would tell some trite statement about how she’s made her bed and now it’s time for her to lie in it. The worse part is that Buffy isn’t in that bed with her.

If Buffy was there, she thinks that things would be easier. That maybe if Buffy hadn’t looked at her with undisguised disgust in her eyes when they realized that Faith had just staked the deputy mayor and not a vamp, then maybe she wouldn’t be working for the Mayor. But with that one look that changed everything, Faith had no other choice but to go to the Mayor. It’s not as if Buffy or Giles would have helped her.

Faith looks at the softly illuminated dial of the watch that the Mayor gave her and she knows that it’s time she left. It wouldn’t do for Buffy to catch her in Buffy’s room, not after the warning that Buffy gave her at the Bronze. Faith looks around and smirks as she opens the top drawer of Buffy’s dresser. Her hands grab on the first pair of panties that she sees and then she shuts the drawer shut before slipping out of the window.

If she can’t have Buffy then the best she can do is make Buffy’s life a miserable existence, just like her own life currently is.



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