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Title: Decay
Author: [ profile] aaronlisa
Rating: FR15
Pairing/Characters: Faith Lehane/Buffy Summers
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and company.
Prompts: [ profile] femslash50 - #2 (old)
Notes: Set during BTVS Season Three, before Faith goes bad.
Summary: It was just supposed to be a hunt.

They had been clearing a nest of vampires and it had been exciting and for the first time, Buffy felt free of all the restraints. For once she didn’t have to be careful because she might wind up staking the wrong vampire, nor did she have to keep a watchful eye out for her friends. With Faith at her side, Buffy could let go and give into the full force of her strength and abilities.

It was just supposed to be a hunt, two deadly girls with superpowers hunting vile predators. And in a sense that part had been successful, the air was ripe with the scent of decay and the floor of the abandoned factory was covered in dust. What Buffy hadn’t counted on was how she’d feel afterwards. For the first time, she could understand Faith’s comment of how slaying always made her hungry and horny, because she was feeling hungry and horny herself.

Buffy smirked at Faith as she pushed the brunette up against the nearest wall. Faith smirked back as she crowed in victory.

“Shut up Faith,” Buffy growled just before she kissed Faith.

The kiss was vastly different than the ones she shared with Angel. There was no gentleness in the kiss; instead it was all lips, tongues and teeth as the two Slayers fought for dominance. Faith’s hands slid up the back up Buffy’s shirt as the blonde pulled on Faith’s hair demanding that Faith give into Buffy. Instead Faith pulled back and moved her mouth down Buffy’s throat causing her to moan in pleasure. Buffy ground her hips against Faith’s as she caught Faith’s lips again.

When they broke apart, Faith smirked at Buffy as the blonde caught her breath.

“Instead of going back to the library, let’s go back to my place,” Faith suggested.
“Okay,” Buffy replied breathlessly.

Faith ground her hips against Buffy’s as she caught the blonde’s lips again and kissed her. Yet instead of breaking apart, they kept kissing and touching, both uncaring as they fell onto an old and dirty mattress that one of the vampires in the nest had used. They broke apart long enough for Buffy to remove Faith’s shirt and her own. When Faith flipped them over so that she was straddling Buffy’s hips, Buffy didn’t really care about who was the dominant one between them. All she cared about was the incredible sensations that Faith was causing as she touched and kissed her body.

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